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You have chosen France for your studies

France is an intellectual country endowed with scientific excellence with prestigious institutions, with a great cultural and artistic influence and rich in an incomparable history and culture. In addition, 76% of you believe that France has a stable and efficient economy.

In general, you choose France for the quality of your training, the learning of the French language, the reputation of its Grandes Ecoles et Universités and teachers, the value of diplomas, but above all it is the French culture that is one of France's strong points for you.


Prepare for your arrival in France 


A sometimes complicated welcome...

Even if it shows that France's cultural influence is your main attraction, studying in our country presents certain complexities:

Complexity of administrative procedures.

Administrative procedures are not dematerialized and it is often difficult to apply for social assistance from our organisations, CROUS, CAF or social security when you have not opened a bank account in France beforehand.

The cost of living is high, particularly the cost of housing

which most of the time represents more than half of your budget.

This cost is reinforced by the requirements required by the owners (high guarantees, advance rents, guarantors).

Student residences are still too few and often very expensive and the possibilities of access to Crous accommodation are very limited since there are only a few rooms for your many requests and you must be a "scholarship holder" to be eligible.

Lack of support reflected in a sense of isolation

Students in international mobility may be confronted with a feeling of isolation, induced by distance, but also for some of you, a lack of mastery of the French language that prevents the development of immediate social ties.

How our plateform help you in your preparation ?

CoHomly makes your studies in France easier

In order to facilitate your administrative procedures, allow you a quick immersion and easily acquire our language, Cohomly puts you in contact with French families so that you can be welcomed in the best conditions.

Being hosted by a family is for you a real alternative and a great opportunity for immersion while preserving your budget.

This allows you not only to discover our culture in the local people but also to share yours in return. It is also an opportunity to taste our traditions and customs.

Our values at cohomly are exchange and sharing

In exchange for your room, you can offer some small services such as speaking your language with the children of your host family and there you will be the big brother or sister with them; help them with their homework or do a little babysitting if they are small.

Also, through these unforgettable experiences, bonds are sometimes forged for a long time. It is often the promise of encounters and travel.

A human experience above all

Prepare a meal, go on an excursion, learn the subtleties of the French language on a daily basis: everything becomes an opportunity to share around an intercultural experience that remains unforgettable!

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